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Please let me know which of these workshops you would like me to run. 

  1. Remote Viewing – Leaving your body to travel to pre-chosen locations. This type of Psychic ability was used by the CIA and Russian intelligence. Train your guides to take you to these places and report back information. This is a specialised ability.  Telepathy – Being able to look into the mind of someone to find out what they are transmitting to you – whether that is a colour / shape / word / animal etc… This will be using ESP – Extra Sensory Perception.
  1. Psychic Detective – Using your Psychic Abilities to tune into Cold Police cases / Missing People / Pets. Creating a profile on the criminal so that they can be caught and charged with the crime.
  2. The Elements & Senses – Using each of our senses individually to gain more unique abilities. Allow these heightened senses to bring through your spiritual gifts. 
  3. Oracle & Angel Card Readings. Using different types of Oracle and Angels Cards. This Class will have your clairvoyance ability come to life. A real confidence building session.
  4. Astral Travel – Akashic Records & Soul Rescue. – Astral Travel – Using breathing techniques to allow your inner self to lift from your 3D body up to higher dimensions. At these higher dimensions you can go to the hall of knowledge and look up your Akashic Records. When you read this book you will be allowed to see some of the information but never all of your past lives, wishes, dreams, emotions, experiences, in fact every part of your Souls journey. 



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Psychometry Using Passed Loved Ones Pictures

WEDNESDAY APRIL 15th, 2020 – The Topic is – Psychometry using passed loved ones pictures… this will start between 7.30pm – 8pm xxx Inbox me your pictures on Facebook if you want to join in.

Free Psychic Development Class for everyone. Meditation first with Healing sent out to anyone who needs it and mother Earth… Followed by the class…

Ali xxx
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About the author: Ally started reading the tarot cards around 30 years ago when she was given her first pack of cards whilst on holiday in Yorkshire. She was given a manual with some basic information and from there she started to teach herself. She devoured Tarot book after tarot book to find a common theme that ran through each deck of cards and this is where her easy to learn booklet was born. Ally runs Psychic Development Classes, Workshops, 121 Tuition and Psychic Counseling. She is a deeply intuitive person who understands other people’s emotions and in which case gives a clearer and very caring uplifting reading. She also is very aware of the Law of Attraction and gives advice and help throughout your reading that will enable you to manifest with confidence.
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