Divine Divination



Ally is the best!

Made2 more appts- can’t wait. Love you…… take good care of yourselves

Highly recommended- every question answered, reading was spot on – with chord cutting as a bonus

Hey ally!! LOVE LOVE LOVED my reading, I’m so sorry to hear about your situation, it SUCKS!!! But I know EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT PERFECTLY!!!!! Love you to the moon n back!!!!!! But you know that!!!!💖

Ally is nice and dedicated. Her intuition combined with the cards, make a complete and accurate reading. She is fun and easygoing and I for sure will book another session with her later on.
Thank you Ally! I appreciate your work! 💜

Yass feelin that card    ..and yes very sensitive after watching some truthbringer whistleblowers ..need to sage now lol

Ally your SCORPIO reading was spot on for me AGAIN!!! OMG!

wow that’s a perfect reading.

Perfect! Just started talking to my daughter again after 3yrs. Lots planned with my 4 grandchildren.

Thank you Ally, makes sense for me


Thank you Ally for my Scorpio reading! I’m going to book a 90 min for 60 before you head out I hope!

Spot on for Leo x

Spot on for Taurus Ali. Thanks and hi x

had a reading from you Ally and your information was absolutely spot on in every area that you looked into. You went above and beyond my expectations. It was such a pleasure connecting with your beautiful energy and I would recommend you to anyone who is interested in an accurate and magical reading. Thank you so much Ally

Thank you so much again Ali. The reading was amazing and you’re amazing. I felt so good afterwards. I hope I didn’t talk your ear off. I wish everything works out for your trip.❤️❤️❤️ Lots of love to you.❤️❤️❤️

Hello Ally, well that was interesting today! I actually learned A LOT! I am never up that early, and my brain usually takes a couple of hours to work but today I just went with my coffee and poked my nose in your class and learned for 5 hours! WOW!! HAHA! I am sure it was meant to be…..:) GOOD LUCK WITH GREGG!!! I am so happy & nervous for you two! I hope to have the same dream in a few months! XOXO



Had my first Tarot reading with Miss Ali and she’s on the money accurate… I’ve been in the business for years, and this lovely Miss is the real deal… Thanks Ali

Ali is kind & caring, she shares her messages to you with such love & compassion, accurate and easy to comprehend, Thankyou Ali

just had my session with Ally😊…. I cannot believe how powerful she is, I feel so connected with her. Everything she said resonated deeply with me. She is amazing. At the end she did a guided mediation/activation of cord cutting and I felt the clearing she was doing thru my physical body as she was speaking. Wow! I have had many sessions with beautiful souls who are healers, but Ally is exceptional for me💜 thank u for your service Ally, I look forward to connecting with u again💜😊🙏💜

Thank you Ali, always so accurate, love “The Greg Cooking Show” in the background …best wishes xED

Yes definitely spot on and Thank you xx

Spot on lol as always

I am aries and you are extremely spot

Your classes are fantastic xx


TY Ali. Leo reading spot on, as usual


Very on point Ally. The moon card popping out! Amazing way to start the reading.


Thank you so much for starting with us Aries


again spot on….Ty Ally


Spot on lol as always


So accurate on all counts. Thank you so much.


Ali’s readings are AWEsome!


That is so appropriate. Thank you xx


On point


Good reading Ali! Wishing you and Gregg the best!


Yes buying a house for a friend and hoping to move interstate despite co¥id restrictions. It settles next Monday and keys will be handed over and we hope to get a border pass within the couple of weeks after. My son and his family are in the state I’m going to. I have spoken up over me feeling stressed about handling the entire purchase. Thanks Al


An amazing reading thank you Ali! Xxx


I loved my reading w Ally xx


Sending to my Libra Son as this is so spot on xx






Another fabulous reading Ali. Thank you Gregg.


1000% recommended Ali. Her readings rock! Very accurate.


Spot on, as usual. It’s like you’re reading just for me.


Hello ..You have been spot on for me ..very good and Thank You.. have a great reunion you two ..

lol love your insight, I have PCOS and my hormones’ are always fluctuating.


This actually is happening now ! Thank you


Yes this resonates


Truth yes


JULY 2020




I had such a lovely and happy time with you today. I am very happy now, more than I have been for the longest time. So I am grateful towards you and all the spirit guides helping us both 🙂 Be more than well sweety We both deserve! Thank for the mantra, its on REPEAT!!!


Had my first time reading with Ally and it was great! Reassuring, realistic, great insight and nurturing. I will book again. I highly recommend Ally ❤️❤️😊🙏


I’ve just had a great reading with Ally. We spent an hour and a half on zoom and we focused on a few questions and an in-depth reading for the next 3 months. I felt so relaxed in Ally’s company and Ally comes over as very positive and encouraging. This allowed me to be open about some things that were coming up in the reading which I was amazed at. Ally also provided some great advise to help with anger and to deal with situations that were due to come up. I feel really empowered. I would highly recommend Ally to everyone. She also had some cards for my partner and this gave me the idea to suggest he should also have a reading – perhaps to do with cord cutting and past lives. Thank you, Ally and blessings 😍


Thank you, Ally, for the most wonderful reading this morning! Everything you shared with me was so spot on and really resonated with me! I felt so comfortable chatting with you, you are such a warm, beautiful soul! I definitely felt your genuine care and authenticity during our session. Also, I really appreciate all the time and attention to detail your readings embody! I am so grateful I was led to you and am so appreciative of our time together. I definitely look forward to working with you again in the very near future! Love and blessings to you!


Just wanted to say that I happened to see Ally’s Libra week prediction and she seriously nailed it. I was a little shocked!


“Your reading this week, your going to be naughty. ” Already started…


Happy Fathers Day!!! 🌟 & Thank You Ali for another lovely reading ❤️🙏💫


“Moving to England to be with me” 😂😂😂😂 cracked me up!! U 2 are amazing! The vibe & connection!! 😍 ❤ Ali your reading’s for past few week have kept me going! Thank you! Spot on!!! 😘 I’m really interested in a private reading.. I’ll message you on fbook 💚💜💛❤💙💚💜💛❤


Thank you. So right on!😊❤️✨


Thank you…..awesome again !


Thank you Ally for your kind, compassionate and very accurate reading. You truly have a beautiful soul and gift to share with the world. I feel blessed to have had a reading with you!

……  me too. Far more than a reading x


Absolutely an informative reading. She hit on subjects before I even asked about them.
She’s insanely good at her craft. if you need information about life, she’s your gal to call.

What a beautiful person she is. Thank you, Ally. ♥️


Absolutely an informative reading. She hit on subjects before I even asked about them.
She’s insanely good at her craft. if you need information about life, she’s your gal to call.

What a beautiful person she is. Thank you, Ally. ♥️


Omfg!! I can’t believe how it’s right on the spot again! Again!! Specially about being emotional about being around the person with the sharp tongue! I am having difficulty lately with one of my co worker who makes me literally cry lol it feels awful, but this time i finally learning a lesson about myself. Finally I decided to stand up for myself in the right way ! And all this situation made me think about self employment- to do art, paintings and jewelry ! Thanks for your powerful right on the spot insight! You are beautiful!!! 💕💕💕

Update from me… I got my large envelope as you said. After waiting 7 weeks of waiting. Kindest regards to you adorable love birds.


Thank you, Ally 😁


Thanks WISE WOMAN 👍😘


this could be me last week! call out of the blue being considered to do extra work (much needed) with a new company and given a weekend worth of training… consilidating cred cards which is stressful…though no qualified men in sight


This was spot on Alison! I am facing all of it. I’m embracing it, there’s strength in knowledge. Thank you for your gift and sharing it with us here.


Just love you both and Ally your readings are spot on for me week after week. Thank you ❤😇🌈


You guys are so adorable blessings . Thank you for my Virgo reading .♥️💜💚


Thanks Ali, really loved this❤


Thank you Ally for your reading for the Geminis my kid enjoys it VERY MUCH

You look gorgeous tonite, Ally!!! Thank u for the reading! ♊🥰💫


That confirmation. The timing of the freeze out is impeccable




JUNE 2020

wow heard u just now

I am pisces and thanks u r right on target


I love Ally’s readings which are always spot on ❤

Beautiful soul and is so tuned in xx ❤️🙏🏼


You are amazing Ali ❤️

Ali you are so amazing !!!! I can believe all this xx

Beautiful soul and is so tuned in xx ❤️

You are absolutely spot on amazing, kind, brilliant and funny! Love watching you work

Ali you are brilliant such a good teacher, I have learnt so much from you and such a beautiful earth angel. Xx

You are an amazing spiritual teacher, and your classes are amazing! You go above and beyond. I enjoy learning with you and your dedication is inspiring. Your monthly readings through via monthly membership are always spot on and I would highly recommend this membership to everyone reading this post. Your feedback is well deserved ❤❤❤

Yes, you are a beautiful heart centered sweetheart!!!

You are an amazing Earth Angel dear Ally. You can see how many hearts you’ve touched so far and just imagine how many more to come❣

Very talented gifted and empathic in her readings. We love Ali ❤️❤️ xxxx

Ally is wonderful. She is accurate and personable. It’s very obvious this is her calling and she couldn’t do it any better. Thanks Ally for gifting everyone your extra time, going above and beyond to teach others.


My reading with Ali was my first in-depth psychic reading I have had. I approached my session with a combination of openness and a little bit of discernment. It didn’t take long for any pieces of potential skepticism to completely dissolve. Unexpectedly for both of us, the first part of my reading involved mediumship. The level of healing and closure that I experienced I had believed was never going to be possible for me in my lifetime. The gratitude I have for this alone cannot be expressed in words. How I knew that the messages/communication were genuine was that there was reference made to a childhood pastime I had forgotten about. Ali does not know me and she also could not have pulled this from my conscious memory. The remainder of the reading was validating and the references to my current state was also accurate. With Ali you get more than a reading, you also experience connection with a deeply compassionate, generous and caring person who is 100% present to you during the entirety of your session. Her love for humanity and authenticity is very apparent. I highly recommend Ali for a reading. In fact I recommend her so highly that I would not recommend anyone else.




MAY 2020

Yes Dear Ally – I received them! Thank YOU so much for today! I’m feeling so love & seen & validated & well, just ALIVE! Thank you for the reading and the blessing that is your wide-open, generous



One more thing….I appreciate so much all the extra time you spent with us, you really went above and beyond and I’m grateful for you and your heart connection and sacrifice Ali. Just wanted you to know how much it means to me. All the extra your heart allowed to happen is just priceless and means so much. Ok sorry ttys. Take care.

Hiiiii!!! I just watched virgo for this week, I'm crying, shaking and vibrating as though I'll explode! Maybe literally, lol THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! For showing up, and doing what you do. Pretty sure our paths will cross in the physical perhaps even sooner than later Iloveyouawholelottafuckingbit!!! Love the way you're shining you're lovelight!!! Jenny

Hi Ally, I just want to thank u for the tarot readings on in5d Spirit chats. I’ve never had such spot on readings before on my rising and moon signs. You are amazing and I feel so blessed to have met you. Welcome to the family!!

Ally is a beautiful, caring and gifted soul. She was able to pick up exactly what was going on in my life along with the people and their personalities as well as my interactions with them. Her guides giving advice as how to handle certain situations and future events coming was awesome but the most incredible thing is the energy I feel from Ally. She is genuinely compassionate, caring and so generous. What a delight to have met this beautiful soul on my journey, Thank you Ally. 💞

I had a wonderful session with Ally today! She zoned in straight away on all the things that are going on in my life right now. She is incredibly accurate and gave a lot of details about what my near future might bring, which confirms much of what I was seeing (and hoping for). Ally has an amazing gift and she is not only genuine, compassionate and optimistic but she is extremely generous as she reads until the session feels complete not when your time is up. I am so grateful for your insight Ally and thanks to Gregg Prescott for bringing her into my life. Brightest blessings to you both. Namaste 🥰

Ally seems to be a wonderful individual who is able to tune in very quickly, she is spot on in a multitude of ways. One of the best benefits of her readings (besides her insights) is that they are recorded. Upon listening to it some of the aspects she talks about (for me) have come with more clarity. During the reading I was thinking of one person, but during my reflection on this I realized it was in regards to someone else in my life (which will save me many headaches lol). I will be booking her for a 1 hour session in the near future.

Keep up the great work Ally, I look forward to learning more from you soon.


I’ve have been watching on Gregg’s YouTube and I think she is brilliant x

Intrigued by an accurate general week’s reading by Ally, I signed up for a personal reading earlier this week. Having never done this before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Ally was gracious and personable, and took her time conveying intuitively what she saw for me now and in the coming months. I can say the events the last few days have been spot on, and I’m excited to see what is yet to unfold. Highly recommend a personal session with Ally!

Ally is wonderful. She is accurate and personable. It’s very obvious this is her calling and she couldn’t do it any better. Thanks Ally for gifting everyone your extra time, going above and beyond to teach others.